Choose the Right Shampoo to Maintain the Healthy Balance


It is imperative to choose the right shampoo to maintain the healthy balance and texture of hair. Pakistani market has a huge number of options available locally to choose from, which sometimes becomes confusing for the customer.

So research is most important to choose the shampoo compatible to your hair type.

How to Use This Guide:

Know Your Hair Needs:

First you should know your hair type and any related problems concerning your hair like dryness or dandruff. As these are basics, in order to find out the best shampoo.

Starting from the first step, which is identifying your hair type. Is your hair normal, dry, oily or a bit of combination of all three?   

Once you understand this, you will be able to make the right choice.
Water remedy: Hair float and sink Test

The "hair float or sink" test is a simple way to determine the hair absorption level to retain moisture.

Hair float and sink Test

Hair Floating:

If a hair strand floats on water, this indicates that it has low absorbency. Low absorbency hair have closed cuticle layer, which makes them more resistant to moisture absorption. It makes them less prone to damage and frizz.

Hair Sinking:

If a hair strand sinks to the bottom, this indicates it has high absorbency. High absorbency hair have open cuticle layer, which makes them more absorbent to moisture. High- absorbency hair are dry vulnerable to frizz, tangling, and breakage. 

Various Types of Shampoos Available in Market:

There are so many various types of Shampoos available in the market with numerous formulas for every type of hair. Understanding your hair and choosing the right mix is important.

Moisturizing Shampoos:

These Shampoos provides extra nourishment that’s your dry and damaged hair needs, leaving them soft and manageable.

Volumizing Shampoos:

They give extra thickness and add density to limp hair, leaving them with more volume and fullness. Biotin based shampoos are quite essential for boosting hair growth and thickness to hair, as Biotin or Vitamin B7 plays a vital role in maintaining healthy thick hair.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoos:

Anti-Dandruff shampoos are created with ingredients like zinc pyrithione or ketoconazole and Piroctone olamine.  These active ingredients are used in anti-dandruff shampoos due to their antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Anti-dandruff shampoos are specially formulated to fight itchiness and flakes, resulting in soothing the scalp.

Color-Protecting Shampoos:

They focus on preserving the richness of color-treated hair, they maintain the regular shine and restores the fading of color treatments.

Factors to Consider in Shampoo:

Keep in mind the following factors:  

  1. Hair Type:

 Choose a Shampoo which best suits your hair type, whether its oily dry or color treated.

  1. Ingredients:

The milder the ingredients the better it will be for the health of your hair.

  1. Fragrance:

Fragrance based shampoos can sometime cause irritation to your scalp so try using fragrance free options.

  1. Dilute with Water

Dilution with water to make it mild on your scalp and rinse properly otherwise it may accumulate in your scalp.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair:

It is important to have healthy hair habit routine along with a Good shampoo for your hair. Healthy Tips include:

  • Washing
  • Conditioning
  • Protective Styling
  • Trimming
  • Scalp Care
  • Healthy Diet
  • Hydration
  • Reduce Stress
  • Good Sleep

Limit Washing Frequency of Shampoo:

In order to prevent dryness and maintain healthy natural oils balance you should refrain from extra washing of hair. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week.

Use Lukewarm Water while taking shower: You should wash your hair with tepid water to maintain a healthy scalp. As hot or warm water opens pores which is not healthy for our scalp, which can lead to dandruff and residue buildup on scalp.

Use Conditioner: Twice a week use of conditioner can moisturize and detangle hair.

Protect from Heat: Try to minimize using of heat styling and use heat protectant products to prevent damage. It can damage the protein layer (Keratin) of your hair strand.

Trims: Trims once in three months can prevent split ends and is essential for healthy hair.

Incorporating Healthy Habits:

A vitamin enriched diet is important for healthy growth and strength of hair. Vitamins like Biotin, Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium are important for maintaining healthy hair.

Protect your hair from environmental damage by wearing hats or scarves outdoors.

Keep yourself hydrated for complete hair health and growth.

Reduce Stress

Stress disrupts blood flow, increases inflammation, and throws hormones off balance, all of which can lead to dryness, breakage, and even hair loss. By managing stress through exercise, relaxation techniques, or simply prioritizing activities you enjoy, you can create a healthier environment for your hair to thrive.

Good Sleep

During sleep, your body enters a repair and restoration phase, and this includes your hair follicles. When sleep-deprived, your body struggles to maintain optimal hormone levels, which can disrupt hair growth cycles and lead to thinning or hair loss. So, prioritize a good night's sleep for a healthy, luscious mane.


By understanding your hair type and its particular desires, you could pick out the one shampoo that is truly best for you. Remember, research is fundamental to find a compatible shampoo.

Following a healthy hair routine along with the right shampoo will further enhance your hair's health and growth.